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Welcome to show one of four in The Home Tour, live from the 'Living Room Arena'. This first improv in the tour tackles a glorious trip to the cinema, one Grier will never forget.

Available to watch now on YouTube -

& right here on me website!

4 brand new stand-up sets filmed in front of an inanimate audience from the biggest venues in the house! The House Tour premieres 10/12 on YouTube & here at Are you ready for it? To many Taylor Swift references, I don’t want sued

The Home Tour!

  • Writer's pictureGrier White

So... after a good bit of work over a good few months I have a new website. Everything should work fine, should being the key word. There loads of shiny new buttons and pages and stuff like that. The old one was a bit clunky and all over the place. This one should be like, you know when apple releases a new product and you scroll through it and its like swoosh and swipe and stuff like that, like that, but I'm not trying to sell you stuff, I can't make phones or anything like that. It's also got this new blog section, don't really like calling it a blog cause it makes it sound like iCarly or something like that. But I'll be posting on here updates, upcoming gigs, stuff that I like and other bits and bobs too. So yah, this is the new website, if you don't like it then... Urm. Yeh. Byeeeeeeeeeee xx

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