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Grier White, born in 2002, like in that song, 'The Summer Of ‘69', and raised in the southwest of Scotland in a little town called Stranraer, which is closer to Belfast than any major city in Scotland. Anyway, the geography lesson over. He attended primary & secondary school in the town before traveling to Ayr to study Media Production & Analysis at Ayrshire College, shout out to Richie & John!

Following that, he moved over next door to the University Of The West Of Scotland to continue his studies with Broadcast Production: TV & Radio, which he graduated from in 2022 with a Bachelor Of Arts. Fancy!

Away from education, Grier has worked as an entertainer with a local award-winning entertainment company. He has also been a retail assistant in a comic book cafe in his local town, frickin NERD! He now works at an undisclosed spectacle company, helping people to see, mainly so more people will be able to view his content.

Grier is also, of course, part of his local drama club which he adores. He joined Stranraer Drama Club in 2017 as a Junior Member and rose up the ranks to become a Junior Leader and Committee Member. He has also written and produced a few shows, including 2021’s Jack & The Beanstalk, and has appeared in many more.

At the tale end of 2023, Grier moved over the water, on a biggish boat, to Larne. Insert your Larne jokes here please and thanks. So now even closer to Belfast than before, Grier is working away on loads of stuff that you probably won't see for a long time cause he is a perfectionist and can never finish anything. 

Purple Satin

Supported causes


Crohn's & Colitis UK helps raise awareness, drives research and campaigns for those with Crohn's, Colitis and other Inflammatory Bowel Diseases in the UK. 

Grier supports the cause as his partner lives with Crohn's and the foundation has been a great source of information on the disease and if you would like to learn more about the disease, what the foundation is up to and how you can help, then click the button below to visit their website.


CALM, are a UK-based charity that campaigns everyday to stand against feeling shit and taking on the flight against suicide. 125 lives are lost every week to suicide. And 75% of all UK suicides are male. CALM exists as a charity to change this. Grier has also been a great supporter of the fashion brand, 'Boys Get Sad Too', which donate 10% of all profits to CALM.


Cancer Research UK are the pioneers in pushing for new cures and treatments for the many different forms of cancer in the UK. They run many campaigns and fundraisers throughout the year and their website is a wealth of information on cancer.

Grier has been a supporter of Cancer Research UK and Channel 4's 'Stand Up To Cancer' campaign for many years and has fundraised for them in the past and believes it's an important cause as it affects everyone, everywhere. 


Acting for others provides financial and emotional support to theatre profesionals in times of need. Grier found the casue during the covid-19 pandemic when they teamed up with other wothry charitys to create 'The Show Must Go On!' campaign that raised awareness throughout the pandemic and how the virus disrupted thousands of productions around the world.

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